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With his stomach distended making him look like pregnant lady, he was delirious and completely weak.

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The doctor said there was no hope, and that he would recover only with God's will. He was being treated at a government hospital — a place with little love as busy staff run here and there tending to many patients. But there was one nurse who was very kind and took care of my brother like he was her own son.

She was not only kind to my brother, but also to all of the other children admitted to that unit. This nurse administered medications and was always there to provide care to her patients during her rounds, even on night shifts. My brother eventually did recover, and my mother says it's because of that one nurse who was sent from God to care for him.

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I know nursing is a profession that through love and care can make patients well. She had suicidal thoughts, she said. A sheriff's deputy was called to their Marion house. I was like, 'If you leave, officer, I promise you're going to come back with an ambulance and a body bag,'" she said.

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Davidson took her to Marion General Hospital, where Kegley stayed overnight while hospital staff looked for an opening at a treatment facility, she said. That was where she met the nurse who jump-started her career path. She was like, 'You're going to get through it. This is just a bump in the road,'" she said.


I want to be that for another child that is going through what I was going through. She left the center with a re-instilled confidence and with the realization that she was not alone.

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Kegley enrolled in Tri-Rivers Career Center the next school year, in her junior year, and began studying nursing in her senior year. Nevertheless, there have been setbacks. She had doubts about her career choice this past school year and didn't become an STNA through Tri-Rivers like she had hoped. From the launch meeting in until today, I have been actively working with the Campaign for Action.

They are the stars of your ED. They’re board certified emergency nurses.

I have served as the statewide director for the California Action Coalition and on a variety of committees at the national level. I am most proud of my role as a champion for the profession.

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It is not always easy, but I am certainly passionate about nurses and the roles they play in the health of our nation. In , I was inducted as an honorary fellow in the American Academy of Nursing for my advocacy. As one of two non-nurses to be inducted that year, I still feel honored to have been recognized by my nursing peers.

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Nursing needs to step up and be present at every decision-making table. It will take strong leaders to change health care in this country and nurses are uniquely qualified to lead that charge.

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  • The nursing voice is critical in creating healthier communities and ensuring equitable access to care. As I tell students, and as my own unorthodox start in this tremendous profession shows, each of us has a path, and reasons for wanting or doing something that may or may not get in the way of our jobs, families, whatever. But for everyone, my advice is to get involved.