Living with Climate Change

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Jet fuel has to be very energy dense, so electric planes are out of the question. Both are already being used. In , Virgin Atlantic flew a Boeing from Orlando to London using fuel made in part from captured greenhouse gas emissions.

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That's especially true of meat, which she predicts will be either plant-based faux meat or tissue grown in vats that is identical to meat on a cellular level. Little says cell-based meat is closer than we realize. She had some vat-grown duck just last week. For a very early stage lab meat product, it was very convincing. Farms will likely look the same driving by, but a closer look will show differences. Complex crop rotations, aided by computers, will make farming more efficient and cheaper because they will require less fertilizer and pesticides.

Those fields will likely also incorporate wind turbines or solar panels to give growers additional income. That information will be automatically fed to the farmer, who can use it to precisely water and care for each small land unit as required, rather than needlessly wasting expensive water and chemicals.

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Called intensive management grazing, it results in healthier land and better forage for the animals, ultimately bringing costs down. The series is being executive produced by Robert Zemeckis, who directed films such as "Back to the Future" and "Forrest Gump.

Living Climate Change

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television Distribution. A vision of what the German city of Berlin might look like as carbon neutral. Charging of the electric car. Businessman's hand holding the electric cable to the car. As we get closer to the middle of the century, it will be crucial to evaluate individual cities on their strategic plans for addressing climate change.

A location that can demonstrate it is keeping its infrastructure in optimum working order is the only place for your children and grandchildren.

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Guy McPherson - Living with Climate Change (Short Version)

By Rick LeBlanc. A Cool Place: Projections are that by the mid 21st century, roughly 30 years from now, summer temperatures will be 6 degrees hotter in the middle of North America, from Tennessee to Nevada and Southern Wyoming to Northern Texas. Most of the rest of the country will be 5 degrees hotter than now. Away From the Ocean: With higher ocean levels, many coastal areas will experience an eroded and shrunken coastline.

Flooding will be commonplace, and tropical storms and hurricanes will be more intense and deadlier than now. It is likely that entire towns will be destroyed by a catastrophic storm.

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In these such a situation, the increased heat parches the soil. When rain does come, it has no ability to sink into the cracked soil, instead of running into creeks or rivers. This means drought.

Living with Climate Change

Climate change wreaks havoc from all angles. Lower elevations, depending on the particular combination of conditions, can be acceptable. Boston, MA.